Christ the King Catholic Primary School

In Jesus we learn, grow and pray together

Christ the King Catholic Primary School

In Jesus we learn, grow and pray together


Geography at Christ the King


Geography consists of many different elements, in Christ the King we aim to maximise opportunity for children to learn and understand the elements of geography.  Geography is taught in a thematic way. Each half term there is a different school focus topic which the majority of the learning links to. Geography and History are taught on a rotating half termly basis to ensure full content coverage.  We believe that teaching Geography in this way gives the children a purpose and enables them to link it to their learning as opposed to stand alone lessons which has no link to what they are learning in other areas of the curriculum. In addition, teaching in such way encourages the children to apply their learning elsewhere and use what they have been taught which results in greater understanding and develops their independent learning. Children are encouraged to identify pre-existing links between geography and other areas of the curriculum as well as forging their own links, for example the relationship between Geography and Maths.


The opportunity that children now have for  regular forest school and empty classroom days enable them to study their local area in greater depth; as well as enhance map skills including reading maps and creating their own maps. As a result children are in good stead to further develop geographical skills especially when beginning to use grid references.


Geography should create awe and wonder among children so that they take autonomy of their learning by developing their own ideas and questions.



What questions come to your mind when you look at these images?

National Curriculum

Around the World Day 


So much fun was had by all on around the world day. Every year group studied a different country for the entire day. We learnt about the geography of the country and the culture. We then performed and explained what we had learnt to the rest of the school; there was a range of dances, songs and facts. We cant wait to share our knew knowledge with people.  


School Values

  • Spread love wherever you go, Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. ― Mother Theresa
  • Aspire not to have more but to be more. - St Oscar Romero
  • Let all that you do be done with love. - 1 Corinthians
  • Justice, forgiveness and reconciliation … the teachings are very hard to follow, and we can only do this with Jesus’ help’. Family of Jimmy Mizen
  • May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. - Nelson Mandela