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School Council

Christ the King Catholic Primary School Council is composed of two representatives from each year group, Year 1 - 6.

At the beginning of the Autumn Term, perspective School Councillors are invited to speak to their class about how they would represent their class at meetings and how they would feedback decisions and information from the meetings. Each class has a secret ballot to elect their School Councillors.

The School Council meets regularly to consider children's concerns, reflect on issues important to school and local community, to plan fundraising and also how to allocate funds. School Council meetings can be called if a councillor or their class has urgent issues to discuss. If visitors to our school need to speak to pupil representatives to discuss C.T.K they will meet with School Councillors.

School Councillors represent Christ the King School regularly at 'Liverpool Schools' Parliament' sittings, held at Liverpool Town Hall.  They share the opinions of C.T.K. school community and record the views of other schools attending 'sittings of Parliament'.

When important decisions about life and work at school are being made, School Councillors will be consulted by Staff and Governors, asked to share children's opinions and provide a 'pupil voice'.

School Council meetings are held every Friday at 12:00pm



1: Let Children Have a Say

  • School Councillors listen to their class speak about problems, opinions, solution suggestions and ideas
  • School Councillors represent C.T.K. pupils when adults want children's opinion


2: Make the School Happier

  • Ask other children what they want
  • Help to stop bullying
  • Order equipment and resources
  • Choose decoration of School environments


3:Make a Greener School

  • Have Eco-reps on School Council
  • Try to encourage more recycling
  • Encourage more people to use the compost bins
  • Try to stop litter


4:Help People

  • Organise collections and event for charity and for our school