Christ the King Catholic Primary School

In Jesus we learn, grow and pray together

Christ the King Catholic Primary School

In Jesus we learn, grow and pray together

School Council and Eco Team

Christ the King Catholic Primary School Council is a group of elected representatives, two from each year group, Year 1 - 6. The Council meets regularly to discuss topics that are important to our school, the wider community and worldwide issues. School Council meetings can be called if a councillor or their class has urgent matters to consider.

When important decisions about life and work at school are being made, School Councillors will be consulted by Staff and Governors, asked to share children's opinions and provide a 'pupil voice'.



1: Let Children Have a Say

  • School Councillors listen to their class speak about problems, opinions, solution suggestions and ideas
  • School Councillors represent C.T.K. pupils when adults want children's opinion


2: Make the School Happier

  • Ask other children what they want
  • Help to stop bullying
  • Order equipment and resources
  • Choose decoration of School environments


3:Make a Greener School

  • Have Eco-reps on School Council
  • Try to encourage more recycling
  • Encourage more people to use our daily Walking Bus or cycle to school
  • Try to stop litter


4:Help People

  • Organise collections and events for charity and for our school
  • Work with other schools to support charities and improve our environment



School Councillors represent Christ the King School regularly at 'Liverpool Schools' Parliament' sittings, held at Liverpool Town Hall. They share the opinions of C.T.K. school community, record the views of other schools attending and share the key points raised at Liverpool School’s Parliament sittings with the whole school.


School Council has worked with other School Councils or Action-Teams to help organise generous donations of food, from Christ the King School children and parents to South Liverpool Foodbank.

This Autumn Term School Council Meetings will be held on:


  • Friday 14th September - Introductory Meeting
  • Friday 21st September – Eco-Team
  • Monday 1st October – Liverpool School’s Parliament Meeting @ Town Hall- Meet the Decision Makers
  • Friday 5th October- British Values and Democracy
  • Monday 15th October – Election of Junior Lord Mayor -Liverpool Town Hall
  • Friday 19th October – Eco-Action
  • Friday 2nd November – Anti-Bullying Action
  • Friday 9th November – Anti-Bullying Day -  wear Blue
  • Tuesday 20th – Model Parliament – Liverpool Hope
  • Friday 7th December –Eco-Audit Results
  • Friday 14th December –Autumn Term Review

Dates written in blue show events that are linked to School Council.

When there is an upcoming meeting, be sure to pass your views on to your class councillor so that you voice can be heard.



Eco Team

Everyone in our school community is responsible for keeping our school eco-friendly by:

  • Keeping our school litter free and tidy
  • Recycling more paper, card and fruit waste
  • Being more energy efficient, by turning off unused electrical equipment and lights
  • Working in Forest School to create habitats and wildlife to thrive.


Eco Team members include School Councillors who encourage children and adults to keep our school eco-friendly. Anyone can become a member of Eco Team if they care about our environment and come to take part in meetings.


Eco Team organise ‘litter picking sessions’ and take part in them. Eco Team representatives take time to check our school building is energy efficient and reward classes who are. They also consult with Mr Smith (Christ the King School Site Manager) get his opinion on how eco-friendly our school is.


Thanks to 3MS and 6SY for creating the eco-posters for our Eco Board display.  They show many issues that we need to think about when making our world more eco-friendly.  For example: using less plastic to reduce pollution of the seas, recycling objects, protecting trees, using less electricity and reducing the amount of water we use.

Eco Events this term:

  • From Wednesday 26th September 2018 Professional Bikeability providers begin weekly on road and off road training to Year 5.
  • Monday 5th November to Friday 16th November Eco Weeks - Lights Down
  • Tuesday 13th,  Wednesday 14th  and Thursday 15th November -  Eco Trips to Recycling Centre
  • Friday 16th November – Eco-Fashion Show


Eco Meetings with School Council:

  • Friday 21st September – Eco-Team
  • Friday 19th October – Eco-Action
  • Friday 7th December –Eco-Audit Results
  • Friday 14th December –Autumn Term Review

School Values

  • Spread love wherever you go, Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. ― Mother Theresa
  • Aspire not to have more but to be more. - St Oscar Romero
  • Let all that you do be done with love. - 1 Corinthians
  • Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. - Nelson Mandela