Design Technology


The subject road map below details the texts and / or areas of focus covered by each year group in Design and Technology throughout the year. Each of the milestones for that year are closely linked with a particular text wherever possible or focus area to ensure full coverage and progression within the DT curriculum.

DT Intent


At Christ the King, Design Technology is linked and incorporated into our half termly core texts which make our designs and products relevant and purposeful. Our aim is to produce products that are relevant to real life by drawing upon inspiration from research of historical designs and making modern day comparisons.

We take a four strand approach towards the subject by designing, making and evaluating products which are all underpinned by technical knowledge. In order to engage and excite children, they are given choices when designing to engage with the iterative process. The ongoing evaluation process allows the children to take a critical and analytical approach to maximise their creativity.

Here at our school children adopt a multi-faceted approach and make links from their subject knowledge such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art when immersing themselves in Design technology.


Here at Christ the King we want to ensure that all of our children are making progress and reaching their full potential in Design and Technology. We want to show progression across the school ensuring that all children have a repertoire of skills that can be built upon year after year.  The delivery of high quality lessons will ensure that children design and create quality products underpinned by a relevant purpose.