Using a core text approach, Geography is taught by considering the skills required for each year group and finding appropriate links with core texts in order to teach these skills and give them a purpose. Geography may be taught alongside English, History and Science depending on the focus and if they lend themselves to be combined.

Teachers use the national curriculum in line with the year group end of year milestones in order to ensure they cover each milestone throughout the year. The focus of geography is on the skills to be taught as opposed to topics.

Geography Intent


The subject road map below details the texts and / or areas of focus covered by each year group in geography throughout the year. Each of the milestones for that year are linked with a particular text or focus area to ensure full coverage and progression within the geography curriculum. 


Children should be provided with the opportunities which enable them to use and develop their knowledge and skills. We encourage children to ‘get outside’ and use a range of mapping including OS maps and digital maps to support this. Being outside also provides many benefits for mental health and well being. Below are some useful links to support if you would like more information or conduct some fieldwork as a family.