At Christ the King Catholic Primary School, we aim for a high quality curriculum which should inspire curiosity and fascination in children when learning about Britain and the wider world. Our teaching will reflect how Britain has influenced and been affected by world events throughout history.

The children should know and understand different aspects of the history of the wider world and ancient civilisations and empires, changes beyond and within living memory and use historical enquiry and ask questions. The children should learn these skills and knowledge within the classroom environment as well as on fieldtrips and educational visits.


In furthering the children’s access to the curriculum the children are taught half-termly a topic of history and alternating to a geography topic (if core text allows for both or mixture of order then arrangements are made). The children are to be given experiences like field trips and educational visitors to further the experience of a topic which will often provide more questions and curiosity with replicas and original pieces.

Resources are an important part of delivering lessons which further these classroom learning environments to allow the children to, again, use their knowledge and skills that have progressed through their school experience.


The impact of the teaching of the curriculum will enable children at Christ the King Catholic Primary School are equipped with historical skills and knowledge that will enable them to be reader for the curriculum at Key Stage 3 and the wider world as many skills are transferable to other subjects.

We want the children to love history and be curious about the past and have respect for generations, civilisations and empires which have shaped the world we live in today