Through the Core Text approach, Science is taught through the National Curriculum, with year-group specific objectives being covered in different year groups to ensure progression. Through careful long term planning, teachers ensure that all milestones/objectives are covered whilst ensuring coherent links with other subjects, such as Geography and Maths. Working Scientifically skills are also taught using objectives from the National Curriculum, which are progressive across KS1, LKS2 and UKS2. 


Scientific knowledge and working scientifically skills are taught through inquiry-based learning, whereby children are given the opportunity to plan and carry out practical investigations, taking into consideration how it is kept fair and analysing the results. 

Children are asked three questions prior and post teaching of units of work in science to track progress and working walls are used to support learning throughout this process. The subject ‘Road Map’ below details the milestones that are covered by each year group in science. linked to the Core Text studied. This ensures that there is progression across the year groups, and that knowledge and working scientifically skills are build upon as childrne progress into the next year group.