Christ the King Catholic Primary School

We love, aspire and serve with Christ our King

Christ the King Catholic Primary School

We love, aspire and serve with Christ our King

Week Beginning 11th May

Guidance Powerpoint 


English - Writing 

We are going to focus on report writing - you can choose what you report on!

Some ideas are:


Below you will find a typical reading comprehension test - guidance for this is given in the powerpoint. 


This weeks Science enables you to work scientifically at home, using resources available to you! Please see the Powerpoint below. Have a little go at the investigation - use your knowledge of dissolving that we have already looked at. Think about how we work scientifically in class: 

Question - what are you testing?

Prediction - What do you think will happen?

Equipment needed - What equipment is needed? 

Independent variable - What have we changed?

Control variables - What have we kept the same to make it a fair test?

Method - What did you do? Step by step?

Results - What did you find? Can you draw a table?

Conclusion - What have you learnt? How will this help people in space?


If it interests you, have a go at the extension task! Its lots of fun!





A game for the family 


1 person starts by saying a country for example Denmark. The next person has to say a country beginning then the last letter and so K. They might say Kenya. Continue until you cannot think of any. One person can keep track of all of the countries said. 


Have a look at the list, what do you actually know about the countries on there? You could:


- Choose a country you are unfamiliar with and do some research about it.


- Print of a world map and add all of the countries you found to it – use this to distinguish their possible climate zone and biome. What continent are they a part of?

Computing / DT


  • Design a new computer (playstation / xbox) game / concept that you would like.  How would it work? You never know, you may be able to create it one day. 

  • Technology changes all of the time, there are new games and gadgets. What is missing? What would you like? Have a go, get creative . Explain the idea to family and friends – do they think its good? What improvements could there be?

  • To start, think of a game you already enjoy and know well, then change features of this (like we would with a story). Use the link and powerpoint below to support you.  


School Values

  • If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. - Dalai Lama
  • Aspire not to have more but to be more. - St Oscar Romero
  • Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. - St Theresa of Calcutta
  • Forgiveness says you are given another change to make a new beginning. - Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  • Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. - Albert Einstein